Our Membership & Alliances

AACBE alliances around the world with mission oriented organizations operating to improve education standards globally. AACBE provides quality education in close coordination with Petersons Foundation. This affiliation provides business institutes worldwide to provide education matching global corporate standards. We assure our alliance with Petersons Foundation offerd a platform for business education at an international level and research in a variety of business faculties under all program levels, from associate’s to doctoral degrees, to diploma and certificate programs.

Petersons Foundation is helping meet demands of working adults and standardized business education by providing numerous opportunities for business schools and programs worldwide to enhance quality standards. Petersons Foundation views businesses and educational institutes as key stakeholders in the process, making every effort to standardize education.

Launched with the mission of standardizing the business education, Petersons Foundation took some major initiatives and introduced different systems and solutions. Also, to ensure that it reaches in every corner of the world, chapters were created with the help of regional educationists. Currently Petersons Foundation’s network is growing at an enormous pace and educationists from all countries of the world are becoming Petersons Foundation’s member to carry its mission in their respective regions.

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