's Strong Evaluation Process

accredits institutes, colleges and universities providing business education to students. In this regard,
has taken concrete measures to enhance its evaluation process.

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    Rigorous assessment of the institute

    To become accredited, a college must pass a rigorous assessment of quality by a team of from several peer institutions representing . Of the thousands of business programs in the world, less than 10 percent are -accredited. It is a testimony to the outstanding quality of the institution. With this honor comes responsibility. To maintain our accreditation, we must demonstrate continuous improvement and pass a periodic, rigorous assessment of program quality by International. This emphasis on program quality directly benefits you, our students.

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    Role of the evaluation commission members

    evaluation commission members understand the academic unit's mission, objectives and its degree programs. They are fully informed about the accreditation standards and review process. They are responsible for providing clarification to the institute on the philosophy and intent of the accreditation standards and their interpretation. This ascertains that the established structure and processes of the accredited member assure continuous development and improvement. Since they serve as principal point of contact and communication between the accreditation agency and the candidate institute, they correspond with the team to gain understanding of team visit and recommendation. This results in the final decision to grant accreditation to the institute.

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    Continuous quality improvement of the institute

    -accredited institutions must: maintain a sufficient level of organizational, academic and individual capabilities. helps to maintain a curriculum that provides high-caliber teaching of current and relevant business content; measure learning outcomes; cultivate meaningful interactions between students and faculty; and continuously strive for improvement. Institutes that have achieved AACSB accreditation are required to evaluate their own performance, measure their effectiveness, and find ways to make improvements. A commitment to continuous improvement and excellence is 's accreditation hallmark.