About Us


“To become a global leader in providing high-quality accreditation services to business schools worldwide.”


“To foster quality, ensure academic excellence, and improve teaching and learning at campus-based and online business institutions worldwide. We achieve this through a comprehensive and transparent accreditation process of quality assurance and implementation of ethical business and academic practices.”


AACBE is a world's leading accreditation body, accrediting business schools in major regions of the world. Our success lies in the hard work and experience of our evaluation commission members. Belonging to leading companies, they are well-versed in AACBE's accreditation standards and only accredit the business schools that offer education on a par with current business standards. Over the years, AACBE accreditation has become the prime need of business schools globally because of its strong accreditation process as well as the value our accreditation offers to different institutes. Today, more than 5000 companies worldwide prefer students who graduate from AACBE-accredited schools.

AACBE recognizes that business education takes place within a dynamic, complex environment that requires innovative approaches to achieving high-quality educational outcomes. AACBE is committed to a holistic approach to achieving excellence in business education. AACBE and its members work hand in hand with the aim of assuring students that the education they get from a school is of high quality and will help them get rewarding jobs globally.  

What AACBE offers you?

Benefits for the Institution

  • AACBE Accreditation Certificate and Seal
  • Dedicated webpage on AACBE website
  • Promotion on AACBE online and offline resources
  • The pursuit of accreditation reinforces a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Accreditation recommendation reports to enhance the focus on quality of student learning, thus renewing a commitment to the educational mission.
  • Enhanced recognition of your degrees in the academic and corporate world.
  • Increased student enrollments
  • Access to a variety of student services, offered exclusively to our students.

Benefits for the Students

  • AACBE accredited institute will teach students the knowledge and skills employers require
  • Any student enrolling in AACBE accredited institute has to be rest assured that he will receive quality education through best faculty and best resources.
  • AACBE also offers a variety of student services to our accredited institutes such as resume writing and counseling
  • Your academic credits will be easily transferred.
  • Many top, global corporations only recruit from AACBE-accredited schools.
  • AACBE-accredited school graduates are offered better, more competitive salaries.